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About HelpWorld.Net

We have teamed up with various NGOs and Health Care Organizations from various parts to alleviate the general sufferings of humans. The shortage of blood is one of them. At the time of requirement of preserved blood, donors are required to provide the units issued. This is where we come into the picture. We have a huge number of members who are willing to donate blood as and when necessary.

Hence, if you are a member of our organization and you or any of your family members need blood, all you have to do is login to our system with your User ID and Password and search for donors in your locality. Instantaneously, a list will be provided for the same. You may contact these members and they will be helpful enough to donate blood for you.

Remember, that to avail of this facility, you ought to be our member and must have consented to donate blood for others, if need be.

Your panel for receiving blood in such a case will only be entertained if you have got your membership at least 30 days prior to such requirement.